09 May, 2009

Right time vacation in Israel

If you are planning to have vacation in here it should be from holy week or spring season up to summer time. You completely will enjoy the whole days of your stay here and to go to some historical places in this country.Point of some that you can read in the bible and some books of their wars in bordering countries.

Please click the image to have full screen view and read as well. Mark 1:9-11 in your english version of the bible written these phrases.I'm from The Republic of the Philippines so..this is the main language we write and speaks.This is located inside the Jordan river-the place where Jesus was baptised.Since then peoples all over the world practise and want to be baptised in this place.All languages have thier own version written on the walls from entrance gate up to inside walls.So if you're coming here you can find yours.

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