31 August, 2009

M Y M : the Davidson Center

On this way to "The Davidson Center" but my groups did not want to explore inside . We have another scheduled places to go. Hopefully on Sunday, September we can go inside in this archaeological park.

28 August, 2009

Camera Critters : "shafan or rabbit"

Camera Critters
"hare or rabbit" in English word and it is called "shafan" in Hebrew word. It symbolizes to a different cultures and meaning to each religions.In Christianity this is popular as "Easter bunny" that brought the "Easter egg" during the Easter Sunday.Images or sculptures of Mary Magdalene always seen this creatures sitting on her feet.In Buddhism during the Sui dynasty in China of about 589 to 618 CE was seen the first occurrence of symbolism that was found in Buddhist cave in Touenhouang in China.For Judaism it has also a symbolic meaning that can be found on their Passover prayer books.Meat of shafan was not kosher but to those want to eat it was not forbidden too. Read more here about the rotating symbolism of "shafan or rabbit" to the eastern culture and to Judaism.

I found this creatures on our way, me and my employer while going around in this village as a part of our daily fresh air walks and rides.They are in the area of no residents with so many junk buses in there.But I saw foods on the ground that they are eating . Maybe some body bringing foods with them. They afraid with me that my camera lens almost can't catches them. They are jumping fast and far away with their babies following to each mother bunny. Nice colors I've seen like reddish brown,black,white, grey black spots.

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26 August, 2009

W W : cleaned floor

Brief words to say about this image. Thousands of tourist passing and walking this area everyday. This religious woman cleaning the floor by her own bear hands all the foot prints she ever saw from time to time.

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24 August, 2009


Nektarina as what they called it here in Israel as most wide known in English word as Peach(es) but it was a yellow color inside each fruits.I love the sweet and a little sour taste but if it is over ripe I hate to eat this. I made fruits shakes with a pinch of iodized salt on it.I like to eat these raw during fruit season which is half ripe only.

Click Here for some health benefits you got from this fruit.

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21 August, 2009

Camera Critters: "PORCUPINE"

Camera Critters
I'm sitting outside with no lights but just in front door to unwind a little for another tiring day when I saw this porcupine. I'm looking the cat walked back and fort then turning circular around in maybe 3 meters distance from me.It came to my mind that there's something he was watching for .My first thought it was a snake so I stand up and checked. I saw this porcupine then the cat is little bit wild to humans ran fast and far away.I have here related article of their habitat, where to find and what they ate.Please read at SURVIVOR:the REALITY of my LIFE or you can find to November 2008 archives of the survivor blog .

In this image the porcupine seems having scalp diseases.My first look was unique and I thought there is something in his hairy needle hair like hair formations that I took a lot of pictures to choose.I thought that kind of letters or figure that I could find. But when I uploaded to the computer I saw it was an animal skin disease.Like scabies or eczema , I did not checked longer because it has bad smell already but still roaming around and looking for food to the grassy area.

20 August, 2009

1M ec FREE traffic contest

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19 August, 2009


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17 August, 2009

M Y M : Flowers

Shanee of D' Anjhel's send me this yellow ruby red flowers and I'm sharing it to all of you bloggers and guest/viewers of this blog.Happy Monday to each and everyone here. God Bless!

10 August, 2009


It is a kind of "soup mandel" or soup almonds molded into different shapes.Instead of meat balls and vegetables they put this to their soup.There is another shapes like little fish, stars and ring shapes that I saw in other supermarkets in the city.It tastes good!sometimes I like it as snacks.It is simply like a flavored crispy fried dough.For more on mellow yellow Monday just click the logo and you'll be there.

08 August, 2009


Camera Critters
Hello world...look at this green lizard that I saw this morning on my way to the laundry building. Look at the hands and feet,very strange figure to me, just today I saw this kind of lizard but seems it is friendly . Never bites me and not wacky wild . Something don't afraid to humans . As soon as I can find the details I will add/edit this post.Please click on logo above "camera critters" for more entry to view.

August 09,2009
Okey guys.. here is my new research about this small reptile, it is called "zikit metsuya" in Hebrew language ( said by my local co-worker here when I showed her the pictures I took) , "chameleons species"
in English dictionary. I saw this as a toy and now I found, touch and holding it alive.But I put it back on a small tree after taking pictures. It is like a snake that can adopt their skin to the environment where they are standing if ever you see it but not as dangerous like a snakes. Not totally changes it's color but a bit similar to the place like green leaves or dry brown leaves around. Unlike snakes that are totally changing their color and expanding their body to fulfill in hunting prey.

Read more story that reported here in Jerusalem Posts .

05 August, 2009

01 August, 2009


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My Personal Tribute to " Madam Corazon C. Aquino"

In the Philippines way back late February 1986, YELLOW color means "Cory Aquino" , EDSA revolt uniform , a historic DEMOCRACY and a FREE country to all Filipinos.

This is my personal tribute to our beloved and former president of the Philippine Republic . This is my entry for Photo hunt, Scenic Sunday, Weekend Snapshots and Mellow Yellow Monday until next week that I need to join all Filipino mourners around the globe in the death of our Hon. Ma. Corazon C. Aquino.

I remember this image above was in EDSA cor Ortigas Ave. Mrs Aquino standing above the shrine where the sculpture monument of Our Lady of Peace was behind her standing.She was speaking in front of her peoples joining hands to go through democracy and a free country. The shrine was in front of Robinson's Galleria where I used to worked for year covered from 1989-1994. At the time of EDSA revolution galleria was not yet fully built . It was under construction but some parts of the building ground was open for business.

My related story about EDSA peoples power can be read at YANORZAH's JOURNEY