23 July, 2009


Recieved this award from iTRAVEL , so...THANK YOU again Kath for giving me this award. It is a great pleasure of having a friend like you that always remember me while a lot of friends on the list.Have fun reading and viewing my blogs , guys.
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7 Things That You May Find Interesting About Me
**** I'm friendly all the way down ...but not below the belt
**** Moody but based on each occasions.
**** I'm a fat woman I don't care what people say as long as I did not hit somebody
**** Hate negative thinkers they might influence me.lol
**** I am not a shy type person. (ala nga daw hiya eh)
**** I want sing but songs don't like me and I am a good dancer when I was young
**** Never wore sleeveless clothing but I like watching those wearing it.
**** I hate peoples that are not real because of their money .

Now ,I am passing this award to all bloggers on my links lists. Please grab this award to paste it in all of your blogs.And please let me know after publishing it. We are all kreative so... we all deserved this, okey. GOOD LUCK!!


  1. gaganda naman ng mga photos mo tita Vhing, hindi nakakasawa tingnan, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for posting. pareho diay ta vhing, mga walang hiya hahaha. oi BTW. paibog jud ka sa imo pics ba, nice kaayo. ka nice ba mutapad diha sa imo oi...okay na ba ang EC nimo vhing? ka sign-in ka na??