27 July, 2009


After paying 45nis(shekel-currency) at the information of Tower of King David in Jerusalem, the first step and way to the museum is where this hanging yellow glass lights.It is a Chihuly lights on the ceiling, fronting information desk personnel area . I never knew that this is a glass light with each spectacular meaning worldwide. I didn't see this lights around the tower during the night time but it was the most amazing color lighting inside and outside vicinity of the tower. First catches my eyes was to have photographs for my Mellow Yellow Monday entry of this blog.I thought it was made of balloons and never in my mind that is made of glass. When I search on the web I almost can't believed how the inventor begins until creating the worlds most expensive lights on all museum to add more glamour of all things inside they displayed.

In painting designs it was Micheal Angelo and in lights creations it is DALE CHIHULY -(page 5:his short biography)the inventor of all spectacular lights.He is not alone doing all these lights, he has many assistants forming and working these lights designs . It has different colors I saw while searching on the web.


  1. Hala, ka nice gud ana vhing. abi nako jellyfish nyayaay, pag basa pa nako, lights man diay..wow..michael angelo pa ha? ka swerte jud nimo vhing nga ka kita man ka sa ila mga creation oi. Perfect entry for MYM for me.

  2. I saw the Chihuly exhibition here in San Francisco and was completely in awe of his work. It is truly spectacular and I love your photo.

  3. wow! ka nice ani tVhing...I love this entry of yous....yellow na yellow...hehehhe!