28 August, 2009

Camera Critters : "shafan or rabbit"

Camera Critters
"hare or rabbit" in English word and it is called "shafan" in Hebrew word. It symbolizes to a different cultures and meaning to each religions.In Christianity this is popular as "Easter bunny" that brought the "Easter egg" during the Easter Sunday.Images or sculptures of Mary Magdalene always seen this creatures sitting on her feet.In Buddhism during the Sui dynasty in China of about 589 to 618 CE was seen the first occurrence of symbolism that was found in Buddhist cave in Touenhouang in China.For Judaism it has also a symbolic meaning that can be found on their Passover prayer books.Meat of shafan was not kosher but to those want to eat it was not forbidden too. Read more here about the rotating symbolism of "shafan or rabbit" to the eastern culture and to Judaism.

I found this creatures on our way, me and my employer while going around in this village as a part of our daily fresh air walks and rides.They are in the area of no residents with so many junk buses in there.But I saw foods on the ground that they are eating . Maybe some body bringing foods with them. They afraid with me that my camera lens almost can't catches them. They are jumping fast and far away with their babies following to each mother bunny. Nice colors I've seen like reddish brown,black,white, grey black spots.

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  1. They are adorable. I love rabbits and grew up with them as pets. Thanks so much for sharing these and for the good memories.

  2. woi super cute naman nitong mga rabbit nato...hehehehe....mga wilds ba to te? pwede maging pet natin...hehehe!