08 August, 2009


Camera Critters
Hello world...look at this green lizard that I saw this morning on my way to the laundry building. Look at the hands and feet,very strange figure to me, just today I saw this kind of lizard but seems it is friendly . Never bites me and not wacky wild . Something don't afraid to humans . As soon as I can find the details I will add/edit this post.Please click on logo above "camera critters" for more entry to view.

August 09,2009
Okey guys.. here is my new research about this small reptile, it is called "zikit metsuya" in Hebrew language ( said by my local co-worker here when I showed her the pictures I took) , "chameleons species"
in English dictionary. I saw this as a toy and now I found, touch and holding it alive.But I put it back on a small tree after taking pictures. It is like a snake that can adopt their skin to the environment where they are standing if ever you see it but not as dangerous like a snakes. Not totally changes it's color but a bit similar to the place like green leaves or dry brown leaves around. Unlike snakes that are totally changing their color and expanding their body to fulfill in hunting prey.

Read more story that reported here in Jerusalem Posts .


  1. This is SO COOL! I wish we had lizards here.

  2. love the green lizard color.

  3. What a strangle little green thing, lovely pictures.

  4. my gosh that looks scary..takot naman ako nito....:)

  5. I like the green...ish color of the lizard but it looks so creepy to me though. nice pic vhing.

  6. te sana hinuli mo at binigay mo sakin, gawin ko pet hehehe cute naman eh :D

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