01 August, 2009

My Personal Tribute to " Madam Corazon C. Aquino"

In the Philippines way back late February 1986, YELLOW color means "Cory Aquino" , EDSA revolt uniform , a historic DEMOCRACY and a FREE country to all Filipinos.

This is my personal tribute to our beloved and former president of the Philippine Republic . This is my entry for Photo hunt, Scenic Sunday, Weekend Snapshots and Mellow Yellow Monday until next week that I need to join all Filipino mourners around the globe in the death of our Hon. Ma. Corazon C. Aquino.

I remember this image above was in EDSA cor Ortigas Ave. Mrs Aquino standing above the shrine where the sculpture monument of Our Lady of Peace was behind her standing.She was speaking in front of her peoples joining hands to go through democracy and a free country. The shrine was in front of Robinson's Galleria where I used to worked for year covered from 1989-1994. At the time of EDSA revolution galleria was not yet fully built . It was under construction but some parts of the building ground was open for business.

My related story about EDSA peoples power can be read at YANORZAH's JOURNEY

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  1. i am glad you chose that picture to pay tribute to Cory, it is so inspiring seeing her heartwarming smile and kindness that rekindled the hearts of many to fight for freedom peacefully. God bless her soul.