26 September, 2009

C C : Please NAME this CREATURES

Camera Critters

Hello peoples of the world .....Did you have this creatures inside your house or anywhere? Please name this creatures because I saw it how many times inside my room here in my work place. It appears always during night time even there is a light. One time I closed the lights but then I saw it crawling because it has sparkling hair. I was totally shock and surprised at that time but still I did not hit him, I let him go anywhere.Something like crickets but not totally and look like elongated cacroaches but without wings.The one I saw before has same length of antenna but this one has been cut. Look at the tail it has three antennas and the feet or legs, soo... white - hehehe.I didn't saw it during cleaning time , just out of the blue it came out during night to where I'm facing, crawling ups and down. Zoom the images too see it clearly.

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20 September, 2009

Scenic Sunday : Photographs somehwere in Jerusalem

Scenery's are my best photographs I'm keeping on my files. I have a lot of no human faces photographs.Some friends asking why "non sense pictures" when time I took pictures of everything that interest me in everywhere I went on.This one scenic Sunday photographs was the last time we went to Jerusalem . I really don't know what was that building but it attracts my eyes and my imagination of the architectural designs on how they built it during stone age. Yah.. I knew.. it was already renovated as of this time but I know they made the lay out and its foundation many many years ago because it was inside the vicinity of the old city of Jerusalem. Mt. Zion gate is the exact location just a few meters and on the way to the "last suffer room". Look at the photograph below how they built their street or pathway..so narrow or it is just a single walk lane if want to reach its end road. Nice and clean , anyway.
Above left near the middle edge of picture below was a tourist bus parking area (just zoom it) in Mt. Olives sight seeing point.Before sunrise is the best time sighting of the other side where I am standing the day that I took this picture below, so I have and took photographs from one side to the other side of Jerusalem's best scenic view. But the green areas is the Jerusalem archaeological park which is also the location of The Davidson Center .Related post picture here .

Empty, short and narrow but clean street around Mt. Zion vicinity gate.
Scenic Sunday
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17 September, 2009


Camera Critters
One early morning when I'm in hurry to enter the village clinic to get the one month medicine supply of my employer, I meet this Brown Giant Mantis . Flying over my head but I ignored it, when I went out of the door he flies in front of my face and landing drop to my feet. So ..I stop walking and just stand up observing what is his next move but seems nothing. I step forward saying "go away I will get my camera , just stay there" and he jump on the pathway.(not yet join the camera critters meme that time I took this pictures) I asked favor to the woman cleaners to watched him because I'm coming back to take pictures on it. He still there in same spot where I've left when I came back. After taking pictures I told him to go away and he jump on the flower plants on nearby where I am standing. What an animals instinct I have or maybe just a coincidence that the insects moved it that ways,lol.

There are many kinds of Mantis we saw in some other places. I remembered when I was young girl I'm playing it every time we went to the forest to gathered fire woods.But usually I've seen green and something black gray color, I'm putting it on my hair until we reached home.

15 September, 2009

W W : me @ " the SHRINE of the BOOK"

.Am I that small!?? It is the huge unique fountain I've ever seen here in Israel.sigh.I love this photo, at least I'm so cute here not "acute" as they said to me always.wahhhh.....We just allowed picture taking outside and is strictly prohibited in the bottom or inside of that fountain. Dark, cool and silent place on the inner part of that building.

It is the outside view of the SHRINE of the BOOK . It is the house of "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" discovered around the "Wadi Qumran" way back in history of 1947-56 in some eleven caves .This huge white fountain is located around the vicinity of ISRAEL MUSEUM in Jerusalem.An interesting place to go, I enjoyed knowing the place.

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14 September, 2009


I had a great time and days every time I joined tours either in biblical sites or not. This is my first lion's ride when we are in Jerusalem.lol.In my home country I used to ride on cows, goats, water buffalo's and horse back riding was one of my passion and being proud during my teenage life. Any animals I saw I want to ride just for fun. Here in Israel there are lots of statue in any city parks of all kinds of animals. I always took pictures of it because I've never been yet on the safari park here.

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09 September, 2009

WW : LOST - where I am ?

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06 September, 2009

M Y M : Menorah

In anywhere here in Israel you can find this menorah , in some city main streets it was made of concrete , silver or sometimes steel. We seen also yesterday in front but outside the Knesset (parliament) building in Jerusalem (image will be in survivor blog in few days)the big one .It says it was made of bronze and called as bronze monument . In every home and in some business establishments it has different numbers of sticks to hold a candle. There is nine(9) candle holder that they used during "Hanukkah", that will be on or before the month of December . I'm not sure exactly the month and date because they are following the Jewish calendar of their holidays schedule.

Menorah is the symbol of Judaism for almost 3000 years , it has seven branch (yellow image above) candle holder, this is also an emblem of Israel .It was used in the ancient Holy Temple of Jerusalem.We're just wondering looking this menorah why it is covered with a bullet proof transparent glass. Just in my instinct maybe it is pure gold that's why there are also soldiers guarding around.I just keep silent and never asked any of my companions. Our group did not step closer because there was another groups of tourist came before us. So..silent and self discipline is always there where ever we go. One said that seven candlebrum represents seven continents and the center of that candle stick holder was representing the country if Israel.

translation: in general meaning "menorah" means "LIGHT" like inside the house fluorescent, bulb, emergency lights, etc.

01 September, 2009

WW: "ITIP" overcooked rice

Does anyone here love this bottom parts of overcooked rice? I love and I always cooked rice like this everywhere I go.I represent my self to be in the kitchen always to have and eat this overcooked rice alone without anything together for meals like fish or meat menu .But if it is already cold I don't like it anymore , it might break my three pieces teeth. So...I need to throw out all the upper rice fills to find this bottom portion, lol.

"Ores nisrap(a)" in hebrew, "Itip" that we called it in Looc, Romblon (Phils.), "Dukot" in one visayan region language(Phils.),and "tutong" in some tagalog dialects.Hey ...you... readers ...can you please write here what this is called in your languages or in where your location now of what they name this thing?

Ahhh...somebody asked? This is cooked to an ordinary cooking pot because I cannot afford to buy those non-stick kitchen wares and this is cooked intentionally.The fire was the slowest or the lower flame. It takes for more than one hour after the rice water was already dry but the fire is still open.

31 August, 2009

M Y M : the Davidson Center

On this way to "The Davidson Center" but my groups did not want to explore inside . We have another scheduled places to go. Hopefully on Sunday, September we can go inside in this archaeological park.

28 August, 2009

Camera Critters : "shafan or rabbit"

Camera Critters
"hare or rabbit" in English word and it is called "shafan" in Hebrew word. It symbolizes to a different cultures and meaning to each religions.In Christianity this is popular as "Easter bunny" that brought the "Easter egg" during the Easter Sunday.Images or sculptures of Mary Magdalene always seen this creatures sitting on her feet.In Buddhism during the Sui dynasty in China of about 589 to 618 CE was seen the first occurrence of symbolism that was found in Buddhist cave in Touenhouang in China.For Judaism it has also a symbolic meaning that can be found on their Passover prayer books.Meat of shafan was not kosher but to those want to eat it was not forbidden too. Read more here about the rotating symbolism of "shafan or rabbit" to the eastern culture and to Judaism.

I found this creatures on our way, me and my employer while going around in this village as a part of our daily fresh air walks and rides.They are in the area of no residents with so many junk buses in there.But I saw foods on the ground that they are eating . Maybe some body bringing foods with them. They afraid with me that my camera lens almost can't catches them. They are jumping fast and far away with their babies following to each mother bunny. Nice colors I've seen like reddish brown,black,white, grey black spots.

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