26 September, 2009

C C : Please NAME this CREATURES

Camera Critters

Hello peoples of the world .....Did you have this creatures inside your house or anywhere? Please name this creatures because I saw it how many times inside my room here in my work place. It appears always during night time even there is a light. One time I closed the lights but then I saw it crawling because it has sparkling hair. I was totally shock and surprised at that time but still I did not hit him, I let him go anywhere.Something like crickets but not totally and look like elongated cacroaches but without wings.The one I saw before has same length of antenna but this one has been cut. Look at the tail it has three antennas and the feet or legs, soo... white - hehehe.I didn't saw it during cleaning time , just out of the blue it came out during night to where I'm facing, crawling ups and down. Zoom the images too see it clearly.

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  3. That looks like a "Silverfish" relatively common, they like dark damp places, I think they are harmless, I hope so cause I have them too.

  4. Ewww I don't know that creature mam vhing but looks creepy to me, parang pamilya ng scorpion ahh

  5. hello ate Vhing? musta na po? ntanggal na ako sa google adsensee..mraming invalid clicks hehehe.. musta na pala te? i finally posted my first critters dun sa whereabouts blog ko. i have no idea of the name of this insect too...it looks like cockroach pero ala naman tong pak2x ata

  6. could anyone translate the above comments?? pls... leave comments on english word only...thank you... all .