20 August, 2009

1M ec FREE traffic contest

Join the 1 Million EC-Free Traffic-Contest now!
YES! yes...I've joined the one million ec credits contest to have and gain free traffic on this blog. Yes...I've said it right, so go to this link for more details - Cornymans Blog Page .

Ooppsss...wait... I want to let you know that no regrets in joining this contest. Look what I am doing...I am a contestant here and at the same time I am one who sponsored the "one month free ad space" to who ever the lucky winner is.After this events I'm expecting a lot more friends and hoping I can win too. Nice idea on joining this contest and I'm thankful to Mr. Cornyman for sending me message to be one among the sponsors.

Hey ...last word to say, please hear me..."If I will win this contest -All commenter's on this post will received ec shares (balato in filipino words), "mark my words"., 5,000 ec credits each comments!!. or maybe I'll give you down to 3,000 so that I can advert to some blogs too, hahaha.

Good Luck to all contestants!

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