21 August, 2009

Camera Critters: "PORCUPINE"

Camera Critters
I'm sitting outside with no lights but just in front door to unwind a little for another tiring day when I saw this porcupine. I'm looking the cat walked back and fort then turning circular around in maybe 3 meters distance from me.It came to my mind that there's something he was watching for .My first thought it was a snake so I stand up and checked. I saw this porcupine then the cat is little bit wild to humans ran fast and far away.I have here related article of their habitat, where to find and what they ate.Please read at SURVIVOR:the REALITY of my LIFE or you can find to November 2008 archives of the survivor blog .

In this image the porcupine seems having scalp diseases.My first look was unique and I thought there is something in his hairy needle hair like hair formations that I took a lot of pictures to choose.I thought that kind of letters or figure that I could find. But when I uploaded to the computer I saw it was an animal skin disease.Like scabies or eczema , I did not checked longer because it has bad smell already but still roaming around and looking for food to the grassy area.

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  1. this is a nice meme te...im hoping to join this kind of meme.. Nice photo of that scary little one..i haven't seen this kind of animal yet