06 September, 2009

M Y M : Menorah

In anywhere here in Israel you can find this menorah , in some city main streets it was made of concrete , silver or sometimes steel. We seen also yesterday in front but outside the Knesset (parliament) building in Jerusalem (image will be in survivor blog in few days)the big one .It says it was made of bronze and called as bronze monument . In every home and in some business establishments it has different numbers of sticks to hold a candle. There is nine(9) candle holder that they used during "Hanukkah", that will be on or before the month of December . I'm not sure exactly the month and date because they are following the Jewish calendar of their holidays schedule.

Menorah is the symbol of Judaism for almost 3000 years , it has seven branch (yellow image above) candle holder, this is also an emblem of Israel .It was used in the ancient Holy Temple of Jerusalem.We're just wondering looking this menorah why it is covered with a bullet proof transparent glass. Just in my instinct maybe it is pure gold that's why there are also soldiers guarding around.I just keep silent and never asked any of my companions. Our group did not step closer because there was another groups of tourist came before us. So..silent and self discipline is always there where ever we go. One said that seven candlebrum represents seven continents and the center of that candle stick holder was representing the country if Israel.

translation: in general meaning "menorah" means "LIGHT" like inside the house fluorescent, bulb, emergency lights, etc.

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