01 September, 2009

WW: "ITIP" overcooked rice

Does anyone here love this bottom parts of overcooked rice? I love and I always cooked rice like this everywhere I go.I represent my self to be in the kitchen always to have and eat this overcooked rice alone without anything together for meals like fish or meat menu .But if it is already cold I don't like it anymore , it might break my three pieces teeth. So...I need to throw out all the upper rice fills to find this bottom portion, lol.

"Ores nisrap(a)" in hebrew, "Itip" that we called it in Looc, Romblon (Phils.), "Dukot" in one visayan region language(Phils.),and "tutong" in some tagalog dialects.Hey ...you... readers ...can you please write here what this is called in your languages or in where your location now of what they name this thing?

Ahhh...somebody asked? This is cooked to an ordinary cooking pot because I cannot afford to buy those non-stick kitchen wares and this is cooked intentionally.The fire was the slowest or the lower flame. It takes for more than one hour after the rice water was already dry but the fire is still open.


  1. ahhh dukot na^ sa amoa Te Vhing.. ay, ambot if makasabot ka ani ako sinultian? bisaya gid.. heheh

  2. I have to admit I do like it. It's like barbecued fried rice :)

  3. Na busy ka siguro sa blogging vhing kasi nadukot mn

  4. basta usapang bahaw gusto ko yan....napadaan lang po..have nice day

  5. big thanks to all of you guys...

    caca: oo nga CAI "dukot" yan super favorite ko yan ..

    shydub : hehehe minsan kc sobrang emotional ung sinisulat ko eh..

    Dencio : hello "ka dencio" hehehehe..salamat poh! oo nga poh sa bahaw nga yata ako tumataba ..kahit sa pinas pa ako ..ako na lamang taga kain ng bahaw.