20 September, 2009

Scenic Sunday : Photographs somehwere in Jerusalem

Scenery's are my best photographs I'm keeping on my files. I have a lot of no human faces photographs.Some friends asking why "non sense pictures" when time I took pictures of everything that interest me in everywhere I went on.This one scenic Sunday photographs was the last time we went to Jerusalem . I really don't know what was that building but it attracts my eyes and my imagination of the architectural designs on how they built it during stone age. Yah.. I knew.. it was already renovated as of this time but I know they made the lay out and its foundation many many years ago because it was inside the vicinity of the old city of Jerusalem. Mt. Zion gate is the exact location just a few meters and on the way to the "last suffer room". Look at the photograph below how they built their street or pathway..so narrow or it is just a single walk lane if want to reach its end road. Nice and clean , anyway.
Above left near the middle edge of picture below was a tourist bus parking area (just zoom it) in Mt. Olives sight seeing point.Before sunrise is the best time sighting of the other side where I am standing the day that I took this picture below, so I have and took photographs from one side to the other side of Jerusalem's best scenic view. But the green areas is the Jerusalem archaeological park which is also the location of The Davidson Center .Related post picture here .

Empty, short and narrow but clean street around Mt. Zion vicinity gate.
Scenic Sunday
It's been a month or more that I missed up posting on this meme due to some work load. So ..here is the equivalent of my absence and apologies. Big thanks to all regular viewers.For those who and interested to join this meme just click logo above and you're re-directed to the main site and to see all entries. Happy Sunday every one and it's a Jewish New Year's Day here. Rosh'shana as they named it, here are my stories for this Jewish holiday. http://vhing4all-il-ph.blogspot.com/2009/09/erev-roshashana.html and http://vhing4all-il-ph.blogspot.com/2009/09/what-i-have-eaten-during-erev-hag-2009.html


  1. These are perfect shots. The architecture and angles make them very inviting and prominent. I really like the last one with the narrow alleyway. Well done.

  2. oh gosh....these photos are gorgeous...super lucky mo talga jan te ano....you were able to see the holy place...ganda ng place....:) thanks for sharing...drop muna ako..tapos study...ingat po!