17 September, 2009


Camera Critters
One early morning when I'm in hurry to enter the village clinic to get the one month medicine supply of my employer, I meet this Brown Giant Mantis . Flying over my head but I ignored it, when I went out of the door he flies in front of my face and landing drop to my feet. So ..I stop walking and just stand up observing what is his next move but seems nothing. I step forward saying "go away I will get my camera , just stay there" and he jump on the pathway.(not yet join the camera critters meme that time I took this pictures) I asked favor to the woman cleaners to watched him because I'm coming back to take pictures on it. He still there in same spot where I've left when I came back. After taking pictures I told him to go away and he jump on the flower plants on nearby where I am standing. What an animals instinct I have or maybe just a coincidence that the insects moved it that ways,lol.

There are many kinds of Mantis we saw in some other places. I remembered when I was young girl I'm playing it every time we went to the forest to gathered fire woods.But usually I've seen green and something black gray color, I'm putting it on my hair until we reached home.

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  1. A creepy crawler that scares me though great photos :)